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Nature’s Healing Power

In the past decades we have become more and more aware of Nature’s positive effects on human beings. Roger Ulrich’s research in 1984 demonstrated that patients looking at trees through their windows healed faster and requested shorter hospital stays. Healthcare facilities now often include Healing gardens and artistic representations of Nature on their walls.

Whether sick or in a good health, we can all benefit from our connections with the Natural World.

  • Nature nurtures our souls.
  • A walk in a park or in the woods helps us unwind and recharge.
  • Invigorating sights help us focus and work well.
  • Peaceful scenes relieve our stress, help us think straight.
  • Nature promotes harmonious interactions.

At we believe that appropriate Nature Visual Representations can tremendously impact and improve the environment for patients, staff and visitors in healthcare facilities and any indoors surroundings.


We have made it our mission to seek Nature most healing scenes and capture their essence, in order to make such imagery available to those who cannot benefit from an immediate contact with Nature and allow them to experience its positive impact; patients in hospitals, elderly in hospices, individuals going through rough time are the ones we have in mind when hunting for images and creating artworks that contribute to the viewer’s well-being and serenity.

We enjoy working with Healthcare facilities and anyone interested in creating a healing and comforting visual environment indoors. We are actively working on expanding a carefully selected collection of uplifting images dedicated to those confined indoors., through Danièle Piasecki's Fine Art Photography & Mixed-Media artworks, makes it its mission to bring the natural world to those who, for any reason, cannot access it instantly.

For award-winning artist Danièle Piasecki, her work has always been a way to bring Beauty, Serenity, Peace and Light to people´s lives: ¨if looking at my images may change a little bit someone´ state of mind, then, I feel that I am working toward my purpose in life¨.

Danièle welcomes commissions and occasions to discover new horizons.

Collections of Nature Images will soon be loaded on this website; samples can currently be seen per request.

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